Monday, November 22, 2010

Bloggers: Shutterfly Holiday Card Giveaway!

Do you have your Christmas cards picked out yet? This is actually the first year since we've been married that we're going to send out cards. In years past with final exams looming, they always ended up being one of those things that got nixed. With everything that has changed in our lives in the past 6 months, I am actually really excited to get to design and send out my first Christmas card!

From other cards that I have received, I really like when others have personalized their cards with photos. It's always fun to get to "see" people that you haven't been able to meet-up with in person for months or maybe years. The other thing that I would like in my card design is some space to personalize a message. Well, the folks from Shutterfly have the perfect solution. They are offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers who write a blog post about their products. Not only can I get a photo card, but they also offer folded photo cards so that there is some space for a message inside!

Check out some of the awesome holiday photo card ideas that they have. It's going to be hard to choose! Here are a few as just a preview of the options that they have to offer!

 Be sure to head over to Shutterfly when you are preparing for those holiday cards. They've got photo cards, holiday cards, and calendars all for a new year! Early Happy Holidays to you!

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