Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Club: Baked - Soft Candy Caramels

Our Club: Baked recipe this time around is something near and dear to my heart - caramels! Hosted by Teri at The Freshman Cook, I can't think of a better treat to celebrate Valentine's Day than caramels. Truthfully, I am not much of a chocolate girl, so these caramels were right up my alley!
The process of cooking these was pretty easy. There are more steps and more ingredients than caramel recipes I've made in the past, however the instructions were simple enough to follow. I had a little bit of trouble cutting the caramels at the end. When my husband's stepfather makes caramels, he lets them cool for a bit, but cuts them while they are still soft. In the future, I think I would try this as the caramels were a little hard to cut after they had set. In full disclosure, I let them set for closer to 18 hours before cutting, however they were still pretty set at the 8 hour mark. 

So did they live up to my expectations? Absolutely! Like many of the recipes in the book, we really enjoyed these. Mine start out a little harder than purchased caramels, but they soften quickly once in your mouth. Perfect texture for homemade caramels in my opinion. Enjoy! 
Be sure to stop by the Club: Baked page to check out the other caramels!


  1. Your caramels look great! My biggest problem was cutting them so they were mostly the same size. I don't know why, but the sizes were all over the place! They were delicious, though!!

  2. Once you have homemade caramels, storebought are hard to go back to! These sound awesome!

  3. Your caramels look great! I still have to make mine. Hoping to so this weekend. Sounds like these have been a success for everyone.

  4. I thought that this recipe was easy too and I agree it did have more ingredients than other caramel recipes I have made, but I had more success with this one. I just posted today even though I made them a while ago - just haven't had time to post. Your caramels look great!


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