Sunday, April 18, 2010

SMS: Sweet Potato Bread with Cinnamon-Rum-Orange Glaze

After my test on Thursday, I'm glad to back with SMS this week. This week's SMS was hosted by Lorelei from Mermaid Sweets. You can find the recipe in the Sweet Melissa Baking Book or on Lorelei's blog.

This recipe is listed in the book as "dessert for breakfast." Despite being called a bread, this recipe definitely seems like more of a dessert. I've noticed through making these recipes that I usually have a hubby peeking in the kitchen wondering when it will be finished. This one was no different. I kept getting, "Smells good. Is it done yet." 

Unfortunately, this recipe gave me a little bit of trouble. First, I realized about half way into making the batter that I only had about 1/2 of the oil that I needed for the recipe. Too late to cut the recipe in half... Luckily, I keep unsweetened applesauce around the house, so I ended up subbing applesauce for half the oil.

The rest of the cake baking went okay, but it didn't come out of the pan quite as easy as I would have liked :-(

I'd like to blame it on the lack of sleep from my exam, but I was really just trying to follow the recipe despite my reservations that it really should have cooled a little bit longer before I tried to dump it out of the pan. Oh well, I ended up patching it back together with the glaze. 

Overall, it didn't look quite as pretty as it should have but ended up okay. It lived up to the smells and ended up really moist from the applesauce :-)


  1. What a great idea to use applesauce! If it tasted goodn thats what matters!
    I hope your test went well and you can rest some!

  2. Great idea using applesauce! I'm getting ready to bake mine and I'm excited after reading all the rave reviews.

  3. sorry about the unmolding mishap! i hate when that happens. its like youre allllllmost done with it, and something goes wrong at the last minute. but at least you were able to save it with some glaze-glue! anyway, its all about how it tastes, isn't it?

  4. Oh I hate it when I do that with a recipe and I do it all the time!!! Bundt pans are so hard to get the cakes out sometimes.

    Looks delicious!!!

  5. Sorry about the unmolding misfortune. I think I'm always afraid of that when making bundt cakes.

    Hope you got some sleep!

  6. Oh no! The pan ate your bundt! It looks like you did a great job of rescuing it. I'm glad it tasted as good as it smelled!

  7. I hate when my cakes don't release from the bundt pan! I think you did a fabulous job patching it with the glaze though - I wouldn't have known you had a problem if I had only seen the bottom photo :)

    This one did smell great as it baked and I thought it was tasty. It reminded me of pumpkin bread.

  8. 9 out of 10 times, that is what happens to my bundt cakes, the stick-to the-pan part.

    With or without your mishap, it looks delicious!

    I'd forgotten about Melissa's title of "Desserts for Breakfast" and am working on a post about that idea!

  9. I know what you mean about frustration when a baked something doesn't come out of the pan all in one piece. I made my first steamed blackberry pudding a week ago and half of the steamed pudding stayed in the pan. I felt deflated.

    Your sweet potato bread looks absolutely delicious!

  10. It looks great after you patched it up!! That first photo is amazing, you can just see how moist the cake is. Yum!!

  11. You're a genious in compensating ingredients. Looks great...want to just reach out for a piece :D

    I've been busy with a bake sale fundraiser and couldn't bake with SMS for a while. Look forward to your Pralines coming up soon!



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